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September 19, 2014    -    September 20, 2015
September 27, 2014
  • Backyard Harvest Fest 2014!

    harvest_with_borderLearn...share...GROW!!!  Join us for Phelan Garden's Backyard Harvest Fest...a family friendly event to celebrate backyard bounties!

    FREE CLASSES   RSVP to (719) 574-8058

    *9:00 am   Growing Great Garlic with Larry Stebbins

    *10:00 am   Yard to Grocery: Edible Landscapes
                       with Chelsea Scoggin & Alia Collingwood

    *11:00 am  Culinary Medicinals & Kitchen Herbalism with Mari Marques

    *1:30 pm  Rainwater Harvesting with Becky Elder 

    *3:10 pm Backyard Livestock with Craig McHugh

    *4:10pm  Gardening Through the Seasons (Extending Your Harvests) with Ginger MacLean



    SHOP & SAVE! 30% discount on trees, shrubs, perennials, Red Cedar Mulch and Acidified Cotton Burr Compost during event hours.


    Or, enjoy one of our other activities that day:

    Edible Landscape Display: Want an easy way to increase your backyard harvest? Plant hardy fruit bearing trees, shrubs or perennials. Meander thru our edible landscape display for inspiration.

    Organic Fertilizing Info Booth: Explore organic options for feeding your garden. Visit this booth to ask your questions and glean tricks and tips from an Age Old Organics representative.

    Vermicomposting Info Booth: Ever wondered how composting worms can turn your kitchen and garden waste into black gold for your plantings?  Come ask representatives from the Rocky Mountain Worm Company how worms can make that happen for you.

    Owners of Anna's Apothecary will be at Phelan's during the afternoon showcasing herbal tinctures and balms.  They grow a large portion of the herbs used in their products. 

    Kid Friendly Fun: bring your kids to visit our chickens and decorate a pumpkin or gourd.

    Produce Exchange Table: Have a bumper crop? Please bring your overage of fresh fruit or veggies to exchange with others. Excess will be donated to a local food bank.

    GMO info: There is an initiative on the Colorado 2014 ballot to require food manufacturers to label food when genetically modified organisms (GMO) are used.  Visit this table for information regarding this initiative. 

    Admission is free and there is fun to be had! Event takes place during normal business hours of 9am-5pm

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